Anthropomorphic Deer 13-15 Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag Portable Dual Zipper Case Cover Pouch Holder Pocket Tablet Bag.Water Resistant.Black.15inch


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[Face]: Neoprene diving is a raw material. other flexible cloths are accessories. accessories: Strings. bandages. fabrics; [Seals]: 13 inches Standard: 330 * 255 * 35 MM; 15 Standard: 380 * 290 * 35 mm; 【适合: 1】: 1. As the many people are drawing. sometimes the setting of the wonderful appearance is done. 4. Dustproof. static. scarring; 5. possible anti-clean wash; 6. personally portable ones. 1 to 5 cm thick can be attached. Is resilient and reduces electrical damage from impact. 【Procedure】: Arbitrary pattern
These exceptionally unique design neoprene sleeve bags are perfect for sophisticated on-the-go users. It secures and saves your laptop / MacBook security.
Accidentally protect your computer from scratches.
The zipper on the sleeve slides smoothly. allowing convenient access to your laptop computer.
Two sizes: 13 inches: 330 x 255 x 35 MM; 15 inches: 380 x 290 x 35 mm
The material is flexible and reduces the damage to the computer caused by the collision!